Welcome to the BigBucket Website

BigBucket is the most dynamic, versatile, high quality margarita bucket mix today. Please feel free to browse this website and contact us directly if any further information is needed.

  • Featuring the exclusive Dispensa-Rita spout for chilled margaritas ANYTIME!
  • On-the-Rocks: Place BigBucket container in the refrigerator for margarita on-the-rocks, INSTANTLY!
  • Frozen - Place BigBucket container in the freezer for a delightful frozen margarita
  • Industry experts estimate that over 65% of all margaritas are consumed on-the-rocks.
  • Simply adding one 750ml bottle of tequila yields nearly one gallon of finished margarita.
  • Vented lid on every Big Bucket container!
  • Mixer contains real lemon juice, real lime juice and natural fruit oils!
  • BigBuckets are available in supermarkets, liquor stores, and on the BigBucket Webstore.